Jason Tankerley - Singer for the band “Energy”
Photography by Cat Hedlund

Anonymous asked:
did you know there is also boys following you?

yes I do :3

why? I’ve made a language mistake?

If that so, I’m sorry…

João Stéfano (https://www.facebook.com/joaogabriel.stefano)

João Stéfano (https://www.facebook.com/joaogabriel.stefano)

sooo… I’m back!

I had some problems about appendix and I had to remove it

Now I’m more slim and etc -no

For your happiness I have a big list of names of these cuties with long hair that you girls/boys love!

And I hadn’t tell you guys, now I’m single :DD

So I have more liberty to throw some dicks and nipples on yooooooour daaaaaashboooooard!

(sorry for my bad english, I’m not used to write ya’know, not even in portuguese (mother-language) I know how to write correctly)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tradução marota~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

entãããooo… Estou de volta!

Eu tive uns problemas no apêndice e tive q removê-lo

Agora estou mais magra e etc -não

Para alegria de todos vcs eu tenho uma lista bem grande desses lindos com cabelos grandes que vcs amam!

E eu n contei pra vcs, agora estou solteira! :DD

Então eu tenho mais liberdade pra jogar uns pênis e uns mamilos em vossas daaaaaaaaaaashboard!

Ed Marquezini

Lucas Kittel